Carnaval: Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, my school celebrated Carnaval too this week. On Wednesday, all the classes dressed up and we had a parade through Estremera. Each class had a specific theme from Spongebob to Star Wars and I have to admit everybody’s costumes impressed me. All of the parents walked along with us and it ended in a plaza with the burning of a giant paper fish. Each child contributed a scale in which they wrote on the back what they want to rid themselves of. Most of them said something along the lines of behaving better which I can only hope materializes. I’ve come to find that in such a small town, they have to find ways to have some fun and this was certainly a shining example.

I’ll be honest, I did enjoy myself thoroughly although I couldn’t help but laugh listening to the same songs I heard at 4 in the morning at a club in Cadiz last weekend at 4 in the afternoon in a plaza in Estremera. The environment was definitely different but the spirit of Carnaval alive! Check out the slideshow to catch a glimpse of all the cuties I work with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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