Where do YOU work?

In case you missed it on my Twitter feed, a few weeks ago my school put together a “LipDub” as a part of a project they are working on. The Spanish government is trying to link schools from all over the country through monthly tasks that we share on a blog to educate one another on different customs and traditions. You can catch a tiny cameo by me in the middle so check it out:

And that’s the entirety of my school that you see on the patio. I’m truly glad I have this tiny momento to look back on a few years down the road.

In other news, yesterday we had a huge celebration for El Día de Paz, or Day of Peace, here in Spain. It involved cake, everyone holding hands and singing “All You Need Is Love” on the patio, and releasing a dove from a cage. Ever heard of it? Me neither. But it was a nice reminder that at the end of the day, peace is something we should all strive for. So I leave you with this quote from MLK (also recently celebrated) himself:

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”


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