Real Madrid Has Two Teams?

I am not going to lie, since I have been in Madrid I have been watching more football than ever before. That’s because along with my Hurricanes (who had a rather rough season) and the couple Steelers games that I have been able to catch, I have become an active follower of Real Madrid. Sure you can knock me for following the “Yankees of soccer,” but it’s not my fault they are the best.

When we first came here, my roommates and I made it a quick point to find a local bar to be our go-to spot to watch games but sometimes (like last weekend), UM and Real Madrid played at the same time so I ended up watching both at once at a friend’s apartment.And it turns out I have some pretty cool friends who choose to take me places. Last week I got invited to go to a Real Madrid basketball game. It’s kind of confusing with both sports teams playing by the same name but it also adds some solidarity to the city which I like. So unlike everyone in the US deprived of some basketball action, I got to see a game with even some American players on the team:It was definitely different from American basketball. The game seemed a bit slower, the entire environment wasn’t as “flashy” as I’d consider American arenas to be, and the periods were only ten minutes each. Regardless, people got into it and I still had a good time watching…

But I have to admit, I was really excited when another friend offered me a ticket to the Real Madrid football game this past Tuesday. When I studied abroad here, I got to go to one game and we were high above in the nose bleeds:This time, however, we were a lot closer and it was a lot easier to follow and get in on the action. The team we were playing was not so great so when we left (ten minutes early) the score was 6-0 and we were playing our B-team the whole time. By the end, the other team managed to score two goals but I didn’t see that part.Now that the Hurricanes are done for the season, it seems as if Real Madrid may be my last hope for sports redemption. The team is doing better this year than in the recent past and a big contender for some championships which I am hoping comes to fruition because there’s nothing that will get Spaniards celebrating more than a football victory.


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