The Not-So-Mundane Post

I cannot believe how much time has passed since I last blogged. With aims of not boring you with every mundane detail of my life, I sometimes forget to say anything at all. Since I last wrote of Halloween festivities, a few members of Anna’s family came in which made for a full apartment but very enjoyable weekend. On one of the nights they were here we made our return to the Prado for the first (and certainly not last) time. Afterwards, I had the most authentic Madrid dinner to date consisting of oxtail stew, rabbit with escargot, lamb and fish with prawns. It was delicious.

Rabbits and snails anyone?

Once they jetted off to Valencia, I experienced my first full week of school in awhile, ripe with two private classes, meetings, and rambunctious children that left me pretty exhausted by the end of it all. Overall, the week actually went by pretty fast and soon enough it was the weekend again and we (or should I say Anna) had another visitor. She’s making me feel rather unpopular so if any of you have even the tiniest inkling to visit Spain, I’m telling you there is no better time than now. Just sayin’…

Ahead of me is another full week of school, a Yelp event tomorrow night, and whatever else presents itself along the way. At the beginning of this post I did say that I wanted to avoid boring you with mundane details about my life and since I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I just did, I will leave you with five more or less interesting recent observations:

  1. I heard that recently in the U.S. a petition to put graphic pictures on cigarette boxes was struck down. Here, they do that and on one side is this message while the other has a picture of a tumor, cancerous cells, or something of the like. The one on this box was a little too graphic to post but this sentence basically lets the smoker know smoking endangers your health and the health of those around you. Can’t say it dissuades many people from smoking still.
  2. Walking to work the other day I came across these poles outfitted in yarn. I think it’s cool someone took the time to do something like that for no real reason:
  3. While studying abroad my coffee-hating self fell in love with café con leche but these days I’m all about the cortado, it’s tinier, less-milky cousin.
  4. You always hear about how young adults in Spain live with their parents until they are 30 and now that I actually have friends in their mid-twenties doing this, you realize just how prevalent it is. On the plus side you don’t have to worry about paying for rent and plenty of food is included but you can imagine some grievances. This trend is even more pervasive these days seeing as unemployment is at an all time high- a whopping 21.5 percent. Have I mentioned Spain is in the midst of a severe economic crisis?
  5. Finally, Podcasts are wonderful. They’ve become my saving grace as far as entertainment goes on my long bus ride. Every day I download the most recent Today Show (first hour) and NBC Nightly News to watch, while NPR’s weekly “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” current events quiz show is so funny. I also have an instructional German Podcast  to help me brush up on my German but I’m not going to lie, that one can sometimes put me to sleep. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

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