New Discovery

So we have arrived to Day 5 of yet again another long weekend devoid of school duties. Not to brag but my life is anything but tedious these days. To tell the truth, sometimes I get jealous hearing friends complain about studying for tests and being bogged down by work but in the end, I know I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

This weekend has consisted of lots of sleep, an intercambio or two, watching the Steelers game, celebrating Halloween and one thing I’m most proud of: discovering a new market.

On Saturday night I met up with my friend Carl and his group to go to El Tigre. When one of his friends needed to take out cash, we went on a difficult search for an ATM (I swear they are everywhere here until you really need one and then they seem to vanish). It ended up being fine though because while wandering, we ran into el Mercado de San Anton, a newly remodeled old market I have never even heard of. I knew that I needed to visit ASAP so yesterday me and Anna took a midday excursion.

It’s very similar to el Mercado de San Miguel but multiple stories, less crowded, and it has it’s own restaurant. After exploring we decided to sit down for a bite. She had a Greek salad while I feasted on hummus served alongside some warm pita. Hummus isn’t sold in grocery stores here like it is in the states so I was definitely craving it.

All in all it was a really cool place that I am looking forward to going back to. Afterwards we watched Captain American and hit the streets as Indians for Halloween. You can catch some pics below.

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