Yelp Goes European

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first event as an Elite Yelper here in Madrid. I’m upset I didn’t make it to the last Elite party in Denver or else I could say this is my fourth city (after Miami and New York) where I have gotten to partake in such festivities but I know it will happen soon. Lucky for me, Yelp Spain just launched within the last year and this was Madrid’s premiere event. Plans are to have another one every month so I cannot wait to see what else Lolo (the new, and lemme say awesome, Community Manager) has in store!

I added Anna and Sarah to the list of people I’ve forced Yelp upon. They bravely accompanied me to Andiamo, an Italian restaurant located in the center of the city, to get a firsthand look at what I’m constantly talking about. We were greeted with Prosecco at the door and the night only when up from there. We feasted on mini-pizzas, truffle burgers, eggplant lasagna, risotto and so much more. For dessert? None other than my beloved red velvet cakeballs! Who knew that people even were familiar with those over here!

If you didn’t believe me before, there is undeniable proof Yelp is taking over the world! Already they’re established in the UK, France, Austria, Germany and only expanding. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, I’m telling you now is the time people. I think Anna and Sarah agree- they both made profiles today!

If you need more motivation, just check out the photos from last night’s party. All of them are mine with the exception of one (with the frame) that was taken by the photographer. You can check out his other sweet pics on Flickr.

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One thought on “Yelp Goes European

  1. It was such a pleasure to have you between all the attendees! I enjoyed very much the party and I see you’ve enjoyed it as well!!!

    Can’t wait for the next one!!!

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