My Happy Place

After one “grueling” day of work, I was met yet again by a three day weekend! I decided to make my Friday productive. After running around a great track we discovered by our house, I hit the streets to run some errands. Once my hunger kicked in, I realized I was conveniently close to one of my favorite Madrid spots- El Mercado de San Miguel. Seeing as I was alone and had time to spare, I decided to take a trip inside to take pictures (or food porn) and grab some lunch. I limited myself to five Euros so that I didn’t go crazy but with just four of them I ended up with a couple of decadent goat cheese croquettes and one of my new favorite discoveries- papas arrugadas, or Canarian wrinkly potatoes. They are basically the saltiest boiled potatoes you can imagined served alongside a delicious spicy mojo sauce. I can’t stop thinking about them and am planning on trying to make them myself very soon. Check out the rest of my pictures below for a peek into one of my Madrid happy places.


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