A House Slowly Becomes a Home…

While I wouldn’t trade these past six days off for the world, one thing is certain- going to work on Thursday is going to be tough. I know (and appreciate) the fact I’m a bit spoiled seeing as I will get a three day weekend immediately following that, but even so, these days without my commute and being around hyper kids has been a bit of a relief.

My time off has allowed me to get to know a lot of new and great people, watch the UM football game so I do not feel too disconnected from my Hurricane cohorts, and really settle into my life here. Perhaps the biggest perk of the whole weekend was finding time to make the voyage to Ikea with Carl. I call it a “voyage” because it takes about an hour to get there so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the right time to go.

Last time I was in Madrid I went to Ikea for the very first time with my British friend after he was appalled to hear I had never been to one before. This past summer, Denver got their very own Ikea about ten minutes from my house so the store (and their great food) is anything but foreign. Instead, it’s now one of my favorite places to visit and I knew that it would be the best place to go to pick up the odds and ends I needed for my room. Although I’m sure in the future months our place will become even more settled in, I finally feel like I can show everyone where we will be living for the next nine months! So without further ado, here’s a mini-tour of our place. I apologize for the shaky shots (and awkward commentary) beforehand:



One thought on “A House Slowly Becomes a Home…

  1. Love it, Cass! Cute non-awk tour… LOVE the pictures (mostly just the ones of you and me at Coney Island). So excited for your new country! Miss you.

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