The Little Town of Estremera

When you look up Estremera on Google Maps, it doesn’t take long to catch on that there is not much to this tiny town. I tried to scope out any information about the place before my first day, but realized it would take some firsthand observing to truly see what it has to offer. While my past few days have mainly been spent here: I took time during my break today to wander the village and see what else is around. I encountered a whole lot of streets that look like this: Actually, they are having a “huge” festival this weekend so there are lots of lights around like this wishing everyone Felices Fiestas, or Happy Holidays: So you truly see that there is a whole lot of nothing around this place, here’s a picture of the outskirts: So there ya go… It doesn’t look like much but apparently it’s enough to organize a long series of celebrations that warrants me a six day weekend. All around town there are tents set up including bumper cars, stages, food vendors and more so I guess this time of year is when all the people will emerge from there homes to celebrate! If all this excitement has got you curious for more you can check out their website here.

Although I’m not going to lie… Despite the two hour commute, I’m still happy I live in Madrid.


One thought on “The Little Town of Estremera

  1. Proud of you, Cass! New experiences.. starting out the “Real World” in style. Madrid AND a tiny town with bumper cars? What could be better? Love and miss you.

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