You Live and You Learn

72 hours, many miles and some tears later, I can happily say I finally retrieved my bags. I went to the airport for the third time yesterday to get my luggage that was arriving on a flight from Miami that morning. For whatever reason Iberia decided that my belongings were better off sitting on a cart in Miami than actually getting on a plane to Madrid for three entire days. To say that I’m a bit peeved is a grand understatement but I am relieved I could spend all of yesterday unpacking and settling in just a little bit more. To say that I am unbelievably grateful for having such wonderful parents who helped me through the ordeal would also be an understatement (and I’m not even trying to suck up). This just proved once again, you’re never too old to need a little parental support every now and then.

I find myself continually relying on the phrase “You live and you learn.” So far I’ve learned how to handle a lost luggage situation, if you go to a restaurant at 9 p.m. there will still not be anyone ready to eat dinner (that doesn’t happen until about 10) and Chino shops are the best for buying just about everything and I should never have spent so much money at Corte Ingles when I studied abroad. This is just a very short list but you get the point.

Highlights of the past few days involve returning to the things that I love including: running through Parque del Oeste, una napolitana de chocolate and cafe con leche at Mallorquina and very cheap wine. Today we even made it to Parque del Retiro to munch on some bocadillos (sandwiches) and bask in the beautiful weather. Tonight I put our kitchen to the test to cook my very first dinner! We’ve been having some great meals trying out restaurants in our neighborhood but I was eager to see how it worked out. I started slow with some tortellini just to be on the safe side. I was a bit nervous seeing as this is what I was dealing with:The end product was not too shabby so we’ll see what more I can cook up in these upcoming months!


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