On the plus side…

I haven’t experienced jet lag since I got to Madrid!

Traveling abroad, I’m never sure if jet lag is going to kick in or not. To me, it’s always been mind over matter (that meaning if you are not constantly thinking about how you should be jet lagged, then it just won’t happen). Either way, since I arrived at 8 a.m. yesterday morning, I made it through a total of 13 hours of orientation and have been running on a reasonably normal schedule.

To say that everything has been all roses would be a lie. When I left Denver I checked two bags and was pleasantly surprised when my third carry-on was checked in for being a tad too wide when I arrived at the gate. For me, that just meant less weight to worry about lugging around on my three hour layover in Miami. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Madrid, I watched the baggage carousel go round and round until every suitcase was gone and I was left with nothing. Apparently, my bags never left Miami.

Despite the fact the fine folks at Iberia promised me they would all arrive at my apartment doorstep within 24 hours, it has been over 40 and I have yet to see them. Needless to say, this wasn’t something I ever anticipated happening and am just crossing my fingers everything gets worked out by tomorrow. I must say the only good thing that has come of it is the fifty Euro stipend per day I get that bought me a good days worth of outfits (one for daytime and another for night) at H&M. While that was nice, I’d still give anything to have my three bags back right about now.

Aside from the drama, being back in Madrid has felt great. While I’m still not sure what my exact role will be in the classroom next Monday, we were instructed today that we “must only speak English while teaching.” Easy enough I suppose.

Until my own stuff arrives, I’ve been trying to settle into our new apartment in other ways. Thankfully, it’s not too far away from where I lived when I studied abroad so I’m semi-familiar with the area and find that I remember more about it as I wander around.

With Orientation down the drain, the next few days will be spent doing menial things like getting my bank account set-up, applying for a metro/bus pass, and hopefully unpacking my bags.


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