One Final Hurrah: UM vs. OSU Weekend

I left Colorado early Thursday morning wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sandals despite the fact it was rainy and barely fifty degrees outside. While some at the Denver airport may have thought I looked crazy, I knew I’d be just fine because I was heading to sunny MIA. After a seemingly quick flight I ended up at an all-too-familiar glider at the Rat surrounded by some of my best friends. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I tried.

The weekend only went up from there. After an exhilarating (albeit overwhelming) night at my favorite Grove haunts, I woke up Friday morning ready to soak up some sun. After getting burnt at the beach it was time for happy hour at none other than Monty’s. There I was surprised by people I didn’t even know were coming into town, saw many familiar faces and loved catching up with everyone. While my night could have happily ended there, some of us journeyed into Brickell and, while it was fun, I only had one thing on my mind: Gameday.

Saturday morning meant the arrival of two of my best friends and we grabbed breakfast as quick as we could in the morning to catch up. The football game was scheduled for 7:30 but of course, we had to power hour by 12:30. By 2 in the afternoon we were on a packed and sweaty bus heading to Sun Life Stadium. Looking around at my fellow passengers ranging from current sophomores at UM to UM alum from 2009, I felt right at home. The tailgate was just like any other, full of dancing, eating, drinking and, in short, pretending to be an undergrad. Eventually game time rolled around and we made it to the stadium and we watched our team take down OSU. It was easily one of the best Hurricane games I have ever been to.

Sunday was bittersweet to say the least. While we were still high off our big win, most people had to head back to their new homes and we knew this marked the last time we would see each other for awhile. Despite some tears, I’d say we were very thankful to have such an amazing weekend together and I really could not have asked for anything better.

For me the reality of change came when I got my flight confirmation email Sunday night for my flight to Madrid set for next Sunday. Since the LA Consulate promised my Visa would arrive by then, we felt secure to book it and while I’m very relieved, I’m anxious just thinking about all the preparations I have ahead of me these next few days. My dad booked the flight that has me laying over in Miami so I’ll have a chance to grab a cortadito from Cafe Versailles one last time. Either that or I’ll call one of my friends to come grab me from the airport if I get cold feet… We’ll hope for the former.


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