Madrid, I’ll Be Seeing You

So the time has come to move on to the next chapter of this storybook life…

After graduating in May I stuck around Coral Gables to work for the summer. I juggled four different jobs from freelance food writer to Spanish tutor for UM’s football players. I was lucky enough to stick around my same pad and had a few different roommates come in and out. Overall it was an amazing summer full of some more WAKA kickball, happy hours at Monty’s, and even a trip to Iowa for my cousin’s wedding. Unfortunately as summer drew to a close and the future subletters were preparing to move in, some decisions had to be made. Would I make the big move to New York and begin my career in Broadcast Journalism or return to Europe to teach English at a Spanish elementary school for a year? To most people I spoke to the decision seemed obvious: Madrid. It took a little bit before the clarity kicked in for me, but once it did, I knew that I needed to return to Spain.

At the end of August, me and dad made the long 30 hour drive back to Denver with a nice stop in St. Louis to move the brother back into Wash U. It was refreshing to return home to my family, dry air and familiar haunts for the first time since January (I can’t deny the lack of work was nice too). My past three weeks have been spent with nothing but cooking meals for my fam, working out and doing menial tasks I never had time to do while busy over summer. I even got in a trip to New Mexico to visit my grandparents last weekend and tomorrow get to return to Miami for the first home football game against OSU and to catch up with people before I flee the country.

While I’ve loved the relaxation, those that know my Type-A personality well know that I thrive when busy (as long as I love those things keeping me busy). So needless to say, I’m getting a bit restless and ready to get to Madrid! When I return from Miami on Monday the next week will be devoted to prepping for my big adventure. Unfortunately getting my Visa is taking a bit longer than expected but before long I’ll be back in Madrid living with these lovely ladies that I met while studying abroad the first time around. They are teaching in different schools but it’s nice to know we will all be in the same boat. I’m sure there’s plenty of adventures in store and I can’t wait to write all about it!

Meet the future roomies, Sarah...

and Anna.


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