When Two Become One

For those who might not know I went to Spain the fall of my junior year to study in Madrid. They were some of the best and most challenging months of my life as I learned how to live on my own in a foreign country. One of the biggest perks was an ample amount of free time that I could fill at my leisure. I’m one of those people who simply cannot stand still. For that reason, I went on random trips, explored new neighborhoods and took part it traditions I never even knew existed. To keep up with friends and family I kept a very steady blog entitled “Lessons from Espana.” Good news is, I finally took the time to merge that blog with this one (which I had started before venturing overseas). If you’re curious and have some time to peruse, the blog posts from Spain start here at the very end of August 2009 and last until I came home for the holidays in December.

Either way, I’m happy to know I now have some of my favorite adventures consolidated into one!


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