What’s Next?

Good question!

Before I left for Hong Kong I was so caught up in working (four jobs) that the trip really crept up on me. I would tell people where I was heading and told time and time again how lucky I was and how much fun I was going to have. I did not doubt that I would but had not fully grasped what the trip had in store.

Hong Kong never was on my “must-travel list.” In fact, I’m not sure I ever made that list but there’s definitely places I know I want to go (i.e. Greece, London, Buenos Aires, Thailand…) and yet, Hong Kong had never crossed my mind. Now that I’ve gone and had an amazing time, I wonder what other places aren’t on my list that deserve recognition. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Fortunately, the experience I had in Hong Kong will tide me (and my pounding feet) over for awhile. I will be boarding another plane to Iowa in a couple weeks for my cousin’s wedding but unless that includes skyscrapers, mass public transportation and dumplings stuffed with fresh seafood, that should be quite a different trip.


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