Hong Kong: The Shopping

Over the course of the ten days, we travelled via metro, taxi, shuttle, bus, ferry, and of course, by foot. Almost everywhere we went, we always left from a mall. I’m telling you I have never seen a city with so many luxury malls full of people shopping any time of day. Not to mention all of the shops lining the streets and city centers. It really is a shopper’s paradise and why I warn my dad to not let my mom (or grandma) loose if you ever decide to visit. I found some new stores that I really like, most notably one called Goods of Desire.

My friends and I may be in the “real world” now but that doesn’t mean we can afford all nice things. Now, instead of being “broke college kids” we are now “cut-off unemployed adults.” Pick your poison.

That’s why we headed to the markets for the best buys. I’ve always heard Claire talk about the Ladies’ Market and was eager to check it out. While I knew I didn’t need a bird at the Bird Market:

And was without a vase for flowers from the Flower Market:

I arrived in Hong Kong with a underweight suitcase and was ready to fill it up so embraced the cheap prices on clothing, shoes and jewelry at the Ladies’ Market. I swear I saw dresses selling at Free People for $108 for $10 at shops here. Necklaces going for $30 at Urban Outfitters, $3 here. I’m not sure I can every look at shopping in the United States the same.

After, we headed to the Jade Market where you could really bargain. I was able to cut most prices offered to me in half without too many problems. Looks like those spring breaks spent haggling in Mexico really paid off.

I’d have to do the math, but I am pretty sure the plane ride to Hong Kong and back to buy a new wardrobe every year might be worth the price you pay.


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