Hong Kong: The Food

So I’ve recently developed this new and exciting love for food. Just kidding. Well, not about the love for food but anyone who knows me knows that I am ceaselessly infatuated with trying new foods, reading about chefs, restaurants, traditions and pretty much anything having to do with gastronomy. In fact, you may not even have to know me for very long to realize this, as I learned last week when the DirecTV man decided to demonstrate how to use our new cable box solely in the “food” section of the guide featuring Food Network, Cooking Channel, Bravo, etc. Seems as in the few hours he spent at our apartment he caught onto what I was listening to, working o, and talking about enough to the point where he assumed those were my favorite channels. He hit the nail on the head but I admittedly was a tad embarrassed. But what can ya do?

Anyways, my trip to Hong Kong certainly did not disappoint in the food department. I was able to try some unique and authentic foods from all around. From my very first meal consisting of noodles and duck:

To bento boxes consisting of some of the freshest fish:

To a new twist on my favorite breakfast dish, Eggs Benedict:

I was in heaven.

I certainly can say that I have had enough rice (sorry Alex) and noodles to tide me over for a good month or so. You can probably add BBQ pork to that list too.

Just like any big city, Hong Kong has great restaurants featuring all types of different foods. In fact, I had some of the best Greek food I have had at Ricks. A juicy burger at Gourmet Burger Union. A Vietnamese sandwich, bahn-mi, at La’Taste. And my first meal completely of Dim Sum in Wan Chai (my favorite dish being the sweet steamed buns with pork inside)

I tried one of their most popular pastries, an egg tart, while shopping one day. Grabbed passionfruit bubble tea (to rival Lollicup Tea Zone) in Mong Kok and ate some new things too like water lily stuffed with rice, sweet bean curd and fried taro all at the monastery.

There’s one meal that stands out amongst all the others that took place Saturday night at a restaurant called Kaiko that is Teppanyaki, or hibachi. We went for a set meal that consisted of more food than I could’ve imagined prepared in brand new ways. We started with fresh sashimi of salmon, prawn and tuna. Followed by first taste of foie gras ever. I’ve always wondered what it would taste like and while it was good, something about the texture threw me off. Even so, we continued on with a delicious scallop, lobster and crab claws, tender steak, beef wraps with vegetables, other sautéed vegetables, a salad, miso soup and finished off with a lemon sorbet (our waiter knew that we couldn’t handle cake at that point).

One thing that stood out, besides the foie gras, was something that came on the garden salad. It’s what’s called the “ice plant,” It’s more or less a thick leaf that has little dew spots on it and really does taste cold.

I also fell in love with drinking tea at every meal and was impressed by the friendliness of the majority of waitstaff at every restaurant we went to. One unique part of going to a restaurant was the fact they gave each table (even if there were 7 of us) usually only two menus. This meant we either left it to a couple people to order for everyone or spent a long time passing the menus around until everyone had decided what they wanted. Usually, dishes were served family style on a lazy susan (my new favorite dining accessory) so there were usually plenty of dishes to share so everyone could find something they liked. Thankfully, my friends are also not too picky (but don’t bring dim sum up to Sophia) so we were all willing to try just about anything.

As of now, I say that I am going to start eating meals at home with chopsticks but we will see how long that lasts.

So no, I didn’t eat dog (sorry dad), try pigeon (sorry Kelly) or eat off a street cart (pretty mad at myself for that one), but I got to experience some new cuisine that I’ll carry with me forever. But I can’t lie, I’m excited for getting some Mexican food right when I get home.


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