Sushi Showdown

With March Madness behind us, competitors everywhere were left wondering where to take their talents next. Enter Maki Madness.

Forty of South Miami’s best eaters came out to RA Sushi last Saturday ready to conquer California rolls. With the bracket finalized, the first ten competitors clad in black RA sweatbands took to the table. Looking down at the two uncut rolls of sushi on the plate before them, they could not mask the fear on their faces. Without any soy sauce, eel sauce, wasabi or ginger to add, the contestants possessed only a glass of water at their side and a napkin on their lap in case things got messy.

Ferocious eating began at the sound of the whistle. Players took huge bites of the thick rolls and swallowed them down without so much as a chew. Contestants jumped up once there was not one grain of rice left on the plate. The quickest eaters from each heat carried on to the second and third rounds all to be presented with two more rolls to devour. The final battle consisted of the top five ready to compete in an “All You Can Eat Contest.”

I never said it was pretty

In the end, UM Alum Andrew Roseborrough proved victorious. After eating upwards of eleven rolls by the end of the night, he could only confirm that he was “stuffed to the brim and in somewhat pain.” Initially he joined to get a free meal but may have found his calling. After his necessary “food hiatus” he is eager to take his talents to another eating contest.

Current UM senior Donnie Schmid was also drawn to the contest by his love of free food. He surprised himself by making it through the first round but unfortunately fell to defeat in the second round. Even so, at the end of the competition he assured he would return next year to win it all.

Every person who participated left with extremely stuffed bellies and a free appetizer card to use at the restaurant. The top four finishers each received gift certificates to the restaurant and first place Roseborrough left with “Sushi for a Year.” His prize amounted to six hundred dollars worth of rolls, although after this night, I can imagine needing a bit of a sushi separation before grabbing those chopsticks again.


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