This still exists?

It’s so strange to think that the last time I wrote on this was back in Colorado right before I was gearing up to make the move back to Miami. Apparently my close ones actually enjoy reading about my random adventures and have lamented about the fact I haven’t posted in awhile. So why haven’t I? Mainly because free time is running low these days! Turns out being a senior is a busy endeavor. From meetings to class to diversions, I’m almost always on the move but, of course, loving every second of it.

So what brings me to blogging now? Well if I told you it was mainly to avoid doing Spanish homework, I wouldn’t be lying. But besides that, I guess I can show you some outcomes of what I am referring to lately as culinary adventures. I’m loving having a kitchen again (since I didn’t all summer in New York!) You can bet I’m whipping up lots of concoctions. These are just some random ones that got a picture. Through my explanations, you just might catch a glimpse of what I’ve been up to this past month!

To start, Red Velvet Cookies. You may think you like red velvet cupcakes but you have to try these… I made them for my first Greek Week meeting to get everyone excited for the year. I also made sure they knew not to expect this on a regular basis.

My roommate Alex turned 21. For her birthday we had a BBQ at our house that left us with WAY too many leftovers including pounds and pounds of ground beef. I immediately started thinking of dishes I could use the meat in apart from hamburgers. That’s when I remembered one of my favorite childhood meals… Shepherd’s Pie.

Can’t say that I had a part in baking this Banana Chocolate Chip Bread for my sorority’s Alumni Brunch but I did take it out of the oven and definitely contributed to eating a lot of it.

One of my grocery staples are Flatout Wraps. You can make the best sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and believe it or not, pizzas! This one involved pesto, goat cheese crumbles, chicken, artichoke hearts and tomatoes! It was absolutely delicious.

I have had quinoa before but never made it myself! I decided to buy a bag and try it out! It was so easy to make and definitely a great alternative to brown rice. It’s great because you can make a big batch and have it on hand for meals all week long!

This peanut butter pretzel truffles were delicious and so easy to make. I just mixed peanut butter and pretzels and coated them with milk chocolate and a white chocolate chip just for kicks.

Alright I don’t think I can put off doing homework any longer. Hope that my few yet loyal readers have enjoyed this update! I’m hoping I’ll be motivated to write a little bit more now that I’m starting to settle into my new semester’s schedule.

As a side note, I’m also training for my first half marathon that is on Halloween! I ran my first 13 miler this past Saturday and finally feel secure that I can make the whole half as long as I keep up my fitness!

I’ll leave you with a picture of a cake my friend Claire bought for my friend Victoria’s 21st! I thought it was so adorable.

Oh yeah, happy fall! It’s my favorite month.