Farmer’s Market Finds

When I am home one of my favorite activities is going to the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Being home for just a week, I only had yesterday to do it! I dragged the parents out of the house to make it down there before everything was gone and it was just how I remembered it: tents aplenty offering sweet and savory treats, fresh produce, and other products like woven bags and hats! With my stomach rumbling, I stopped by the Denver Biscuit Co. Bus for a biscuit with bacon and grape jelly! Yes it may sound a bit odd but coupled with their sweet potato wedges… I was in heaven.

That’s all irrelevant to what came later in the day. My mom took to the produce stand and stocked up on all sorts of vegetables from onions to squash and picked up some farm fresh eggs on the way out! We took it home and the rest of the day was spent in the kitchen preparing some amazing meals. First, we started with tortilla espanola. This time last year I was gearing up to head to Spain to study abroad. Since I can’t go there this year, we decided to bring Spain to us through food. We began with chopping up potatoes and frying them with Spanish olive oil courtesy of Trader Joes. Then it was time to whisk together our farm fresh eggs! I’ve never used or ate eggs from the farmer’s market before and could definitely tell a difference in the shell while I was cracking them. Nothing makes me prouder than buying Colorado fresh!Once the potatoes were done, we also fried onions and added green chiles to the mix. Although in Spain you don’t find much spice, my mom insisted we add green chile to our tortilla. Although I let her know we were straying from the real Spanish way, she reminded me that we were still Mexican and thus, must add the chiles. Wanting to avoid an argument, I went along with it…

Next, we added the cooked potatoes, chiles, and onions to the egg mixture and it all went into the skillet! Once the egg set along the edges, it was time to flip it over and let it finish cooking on the other side. When all is said and done, it turned out just like I remember from Spain.To accompany our tortilla, we settled on preparing pisto. It’s like a Spanish version of ratatouille. We diced onions, green and peppers, zuchinni, and squash for our version. I convinced my mom to not add green chiles to this recipe.After adding some crushed tomatoes to the softened vegetables and letting it all simmer for about 40 minutes, we were good to go!Along the way, I sliced up some of the sweetest cantaloupe I have ever tasted.And of course, we had to make some salsa!Even though I was stuffed from eating while I cooked there was still dinner to be had. We took it to the outside patio. My dad bought his favorite Spanish wine and we relaxed while enjoying our amazing meal in the Colorado outdoors. Bliss.


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