Dad Knows Best.

Growing up it did not take me long to learn that what dad says goes. By doing as I was told instead of back-talking also taught me another important lesson: dad knows best.

That’s why when I got an e-mail reading this:


I just watched a show on TLC that said that this food cart was the best one in the US.  You have to try it and let us know.
Love ya,


I knew that I had to go. You can bet I already had this on my to-do list but now I felt obligated it to try it. What a rough obligation, huh?

This week I am working an overnight shift that involves little sleep and heading home right when everyone is going to work. After my shift I always have on thing on my mind: sleep. Today I had two things on my mind: waffles then sleep. I scurried 10 blocks south from the office when I saw a yellow heaven on wheels.I ordered the liege waffle with spekuloos spread aka “their favorite.” In no time I had a box in my hand and could feel the heat from the waffle penetrating through the bottom. I could not fathom waiting to eat it before getting on the subway to my apartment in Brooklyn so stopped in Times Square to enjoy it at a bright red table amongst the hustle and bustle of the tourists. I smirked with joy as I broke the seal of the box to behold this beauty.After one bite I could see how this garnered the truck premium status. The perfect combination between soft and chewy wafel complemented the spekuloos perfectly which reminded me of a more fluid peanut butter. I could not think of a better treat to send me into a food induced coma. Needless to say, I had very sweet dreams.


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