Who am I?

Sometimes I must take a step back and evaluate what I’ve done. This is one of those weekends.

Thursday night me and Court decided to do an art gallery walk in Chelsea. I always heard it is basically a chance to get free drinks and look at art as you hop from place to place. That is exactly what it was and it was so much fun. After Alex met up with us we headed to grab a tasty dinner at Cafeteria, a place I had been dying to try.

Yummy meatballs!

Friday was a bittersweet day as it was the last day my supervisor from my internship would be in town. Although my program is another two weeks, she left to go on a two-week vacation so I will round out the rest of my time helping out other people. That night we had another BBQ arranged by my professor from Miami. It was on the balcony of the penthouse apartment of Barbara Howard. The views were amazing.

Not to mentions he had the actual Oscar for Best Film from 1943, Casablanca, as a bookend on the shelf. I took a picture with it I must post soon!

Saturday I woke up bright and early to head to meet Alex to catch a bus for her staff picnic. It was at Linda Elerbee’s house on the border of NYC and Massachutes.

Nick News anyone?

There was a pinata, swimming pool, and tents flooded with drinks and food. But the real treat of the day involved this:

Linda’s husband flies this for fun and was giving airplane rides out all day (I think to avoid the picnic). Either way, we eagerly jumped at this opportunity, even though I was scared out of my mind. And that was before I heard we were doing loops, hammerscrews, and rolls. All I can say is that it was a very good thing we hadn’t ate very much beforehand or I might have been in deep trouble.

It was such a great day that left me completely exhausted. I cannot believe I have two weeks left here but you can bet I will enjoy every last second.

In other news, today I bought Vibram Five Finger shoes! Yes, make fun of me all you want but they’re supposed to be amazing. I’m sure you’ll here more from me on these shoes soon.


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