Give My Regards

Sometimes I really wish I could avoid using cheesy post titles but New York is too full of cliches and you just have to go with the flow.

Kind of like the inclusion of that picture in the post. No I will not be writing about cupcakes but look how pretty this Snickers cupcakes from Crumbs looks admist beautiful Bryant Park!

I wrote about seeing Merchant of Venice a few weeks ago but have yet to comment on my experiences on the great Broadway. Whenever I would come to the city for vacation we made sure to pack in a show a day no matter how tired I might be… Yes, I may have missed half of Bombay Dreams because my eyes were shut but, by golly, I paid for my ticket, sat in that seat and therefore can add it to my list of shows seen.

This time, I’m in New York not for vacation but rather to work. But you can bet I was getting atnsy when I realized I still hadn’t been to a show after a month in the city. Thankfully my residence realizes us college kids aren’t shelling out hundreds of dollars for theatre tickets so offer great discounts to shows almost every week. I jumped at seeing La Cage Aux Folles and American Idiot. Each ticket was only 20 dollars… Yes, the seats might be the epitome of nosebleeds but it did not take away from the great performances that I witnessed.

La Cage just won best revival of a musical at the Tony Awards and Kelsey Grammar was the biggest name in the show. It is more or less a drag show but these men were amazing. They bent themselves in ways I never thought possible, their voices were outstanding and I was truly moved by each and every song. This show was funny but also had a great and touching message.

Then comes American Idiot which I saw this past Tuesday with Courtney. This was a completely different show… or was it more of a concert? It was 90 minutes of Green Day songs strung together by a story revolving around three young guys. The set was great, their voices were amazing and I never found myself bored. Court might disagree but that’s the great thing about theatre… Everyone has their own opinion!

I’m hoping to squeeze in one more show before I leave next weekend when Kelly visits but we shall see!


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