Starstruck in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park is a NYC summer staple. This year the Delacorte Theater is doing the bard’s The Merchant of Venice and The Winter’s Tale in repertory throughout the summer. Now to get tickets you can go about it three ways:

1. Wait in line early in the morning (you pick- some people get there at 6am) for the ticket distribution at 1pm. There’s no guarantee if you’ll walk away with tickets though so this can be a bit risky. I’d recommend picking a day and making it an event! Get there early, bring a picnic, games, books, and enjoy spending the morning with friends and walk away with free tickets! Then you’ll have the rest of the afternoon to do what you please until you return that evening to catch the show.

2. Put in your name for the virtual lottery online. Me and four other friends have tried this multiple days and so far not be successful.

3. Go standby. This is what we ended up doing yesterday evening and it was a success! We showed up at 5 pm, laid a blanket out on the pavement and took our chances. For three hours we read and chatted while listening to some saxophone music. Eventually it was 8pm and time to see if we were going to get tickets or not.

Not only did we get tickets, we were front row center for one of the most amazing (ok, the most amazing) Shakespeare productions I have ever seen.

From the acting (Al Pacino and Jesse L. Martin were both in it) to the set design and lighting everything was spot on. All that set against the backdrop of Central Park it made for a superb evening. Now I have never been a diehard Shakespeare fan but found this show so easy to follow and captivating for its entirety.

When I told my boss I did this last night she replied with: “Wow you are just having such a New York summer and that’s great!” And ya know what? I could not agree more.


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