A-Typical Happy Hour

There are lots of ways one can relax after a work day. Put up your feet and read a magazine in your living room, go out for drinks with co-workers, or head to the gym to release some stress. Last Thursday, Bec introduced me to a new post-work activity that’s free in Bryant Park every Thursday: yoga!

We weren't the only ones who thought it was a good idea!

I met up with her and Court in the park and was really surprised at all the people there! I was also impressed by the organization of everything- they had Lulu Lemon yoga mats there for people who didn’t have their own, lots of yogis walking around to help bend and stretch, and a loudspeaker so you could hear the moves.

Even though we were in the heart of the city, you find it really easy to escape into your breathing and truly relax. I’m not a regular yoga practicer. I got into Corepower Yoga for a week while I was home but have not signed up for a studio since making the move here but I do love it every time I take a class and truly feel like it increases your flexibility.

Afterwards, we headed to Chipotle and brought it back to enjoy in the park. Overall, a very successful evening with the same relaxing effect as 2 for 1 drinks at the local bar.


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