“Food… The way to a broadcaster’s heart”

How Sweet!


Since beginning my coursework in journalism I have listened to speakers from all over. From attending the National Broadcasting Society convention in New York City to WE Media Conferences in Miami, I have heard all sorts of stories of success and failure from a number of media players. 

This summer I get to hear from speakers at both my internship and through my college. We get weekly talks from producers, editors, reporters and executives talking about everything from ethics to writing and then answering our questions about how to get to where they are. 

Not going to lie, after a little bit these talks can be exhausting. You hear the same advice over and over and sometimes it’s hard to resist running out of the room so you can take charge and continue on with your own personal journey. After all, when it comes down to it you will never get to where you want to go without actually doing it! Times like these I get anxious to graduate so I can begin interviewing and start my first real job. 

However, until then, I love do love listening to and meeting with these people, reveling in their successes and laughing with them as they look back on their failures. 

Yesterday, I heard a piece of new advice. Something that can be put to use now and makes a lot of sense. It involves one simple thing: a glass bowl filled with individual candy. 

This particular man, a producer and editor for a nightly news program, suggested making an investment (what can candy and a bowl cost after all?) and placing it on your desk. Why? Well then when a senior producer walks by, the glittering gold of the Snickers wrapper will inevitably catch his eye. He will then realize that this little piece of candy is the perfect remedy to his afternoon slump. But how will he get this candy? He must introduce himself! Next thing you know, he’s telling his buddy down the hall that the intern has free candy and in a flash you’re making new friends and connections! 

I’ve repeatedly heard the same tips- keep in touch with contacts, be eager (but not too eager) to take on any task no matter how big or small, remember people’s names, etc… but never before has someone mentioned something as simple as a candy dish! So I wanted to share it with all of you.


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