Weekend Escape!

The great thing about having friends all over the country is that it is a great excuse to travel! The past two weekends, the two Taylor’s ventured to NYC from DC and this weekend it was time for me and Bec to reciprocate. We took a bus to DC Friday afternoon to get there right in time for Jazz in the Gardens. It’s what my friend Megan describes as “picnics, beer and sangria.” She forgot to mention the hundreds of twenty-somethings flooding the sidewalk and lawns clearly relieved to be done with work for the week.While Bec enjoyed her very first sangria, we were entertained by people running through the ponds and the policemen who thought they really could do something about it. Dinner led us to Chinatown, although I would more aptly describe it as “Chinablock” since that’s about all it occupies. Nevertheless, with Chinese restaurants aplenty you can rest assured we stuffed ourselves with Sesame Chicken and Sweet and Sour pork that led to a perfect food coma for a restful night sleep. Bec has never been to DC and I haven’t been back since I was nine so we had a lot we wanted to do in our one full day in DC. Where do you start? That was an easy one. It was a journalist’s heaven. I could have spent all day in this one museum but unfortunately, there was lots more that needed to be seen. After a delectable lunch in Dupont Circle, we made it to the Folklife festival, Holocaust Museum and walked around the mall a bit. And of course, we found our state at the World War II Memorial.Now Ethiopian food is some of my favorite. My love affair with the cuisine started in elementary school at one restaurant called Zed’s in Georgetown. There was no way I was leaving DC without going there. Ethiopian is something my family enjoys together and the majority of my friends have never had it before. I decided that it was time and we devoured a delicious meal at my childhood spot.It was such a great day but when it comes down to it, one day is just not going to be enough to enjoy all that DC has to offer. I definitely need to go back soon.

This morning we headed to Baltimore to meet our friend to drive back to New York. My roomie is from Baltimore and works at a restaurant called Miss Shirleys Cafe. I have been hearing about this place since freshman year and knew that I had to go. After devouring sweet potato fries (with mango ketchup!), I was presented with a beautiful dish that was too pretty to not take a picture of.Definitely lived up to the hype and anticipation I’ve developed over the years and provided the perfect fuel for our long trek home! I’m wiped out but dreaming of the next time I can go to DC. Until then, NYC it is!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Escape!

  1. I was in DC two weekends ago for a tri and it was so much fun! The city is absolutely gorgeous. We ate dinner in Chinatown also, though we did not actually have Chinese food. Next time I’m there I want to hit up the Ethiopian place, it looks so good!

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