Ever Enchanted

This city never ceases to amaze me. I mean really amaze me.

Some friends of mine just discovered this blog (despite the fact I’ve had it for over a year now!) and ironically right when they started to read, I stopped writing. But I can’t help it… I’ve been too busy being enchanted. So you guys can keep making fun of my posts about coconut water and maybe check out my Madrid blog in the meantime and I will try to keep my posts more up to date.

But I finally have a little downtime so will try to relay to you some of the things I have run into but I know there is no way to fit everything in.

Jazz in Bryant Park.

With about an hour to spend before meeting up with fellow Miamians for “class” with our professor, I wanted to find a nice place to read. Then, I heard the sound of jazz music floating through the air and decided to follow the boppin’ beats until I wound up plopped down admidst a crowd of people listening to a few men playing jazz standards. Things like this is what makes living in a city so special. No matter where you are and what time of day it is, there is always something to enjoy.

Now I used to be a germaphobe. Anyone who knew me back in the day was well aware that I was not one to ask for when you needed some water and I would not do the same to you. Well, those days are long gone. After sharing multiple communal drinks in Espana, I became quite accustomed to sharing everything from food to drink and these days, there’s no way I would rather dine. Enter Zombie Hut:

An awesome bar in Brooklyn where one Scorpion Bowl can be shared amongst friends and the best part? Plenty of board games to play during the night. This evening we chose Boggle.

And you didn’t really think I could post without mentioning food, did you? Well this past week has been full of great food, French food to be exact! First, a fantastic meal at Pastis with these lovely ladies and a family friend of Court’s who wanted to treat us. It was my first experience with soft shell crab and I wish I had a picture. When my meal first came, I realized quickly I had no idea how to eat soft shell crab. While I ended up mucking down most of the specimen, I was unsure if what I was doing was correct and too afraid to ask our sophisticated dining host. Coming home, my first stop was google to investigate the issue. Just to save you any future embarassment- you eat the whole thing.

Cioppino- Lobster, scallops, mussels and shrimp in a savory broth

This week is Yelp Eats! Brooklyn so of course I had to take advantage. Me and a few friends decided we would pick one restaurant and have a special splurge dinner. When I asked which restaurant would be the “one” to go to, Petite Crevette was recommended and so we went on Monday night. From the starter of tuna carpaccio (and tastes of the fried french oysters) to the creme caramel ending I was in heaven, or paradis as the French might say. The star of the meal, this baby:

Breakfast taco and Watermelon Mint “Agua Fresca”

Other smattering of events from this past week include another trip to Govenors Island for Yelp Summer Camp! This time was a potluck picnic, so me and Court boarded the ferry with cookies and chips in hand to relax and eat for a bit. I also made it back to the Hester Street fair on Sunday morning for some more vintage shopping and some of this:

Me and Bec also fulfilled a goal of ours- to get to the Fred Flare store. For those who don’t know about Fred Flare, it’s a website filled with such great things and they have one store located in Greenpoint. Not having very much to do on Sunday, we made the trek out there and it was surreal to say the least. We also found a cool vintage/consignment store I had read about called Beacon’s Closet where I picked up a skirt.

I’ve also found my new favorite bookstore, attended (a part) of a Mets game, and ran lots of times across the Brooklyn Bridge!

I just booked my bus ticket to D.C. to visit friends who are interning there this summer. I haven’t been back to Maryland since I moved away about ten years ago so I am excited to say the least. I have some things I want to do like go to the Newseum and eat at my old favorite Ethiopian restaurant but the rest is unplanned.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Washington D.C.?


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