Foodies take on New York!

Week one of ten is over and done! I can’t believe that I have only been here a ten days, it’s weird but I already feel like a local. Walking around, I feel like the pavement beneath my feet is now familiar territory. Thankfully, this weekend was a time I could actually enjoy. While last week I was still running around to grocery stores and Bed, Bath and Beyond, this weekend marked the arrival of one of my best friends, Bec, to the city for her six-week internship along with a visit from another best friend, T, interning in DC. That alone secured a good weekend outlook from the start.

After meeting Bec at her new apartment, we needed some food so headed to the V-Spot Cafe for some vegan fare. After munching on some guac, kale tostadas, and sweet potato fries, I was feeling satisfied. We headed to an apartment of some friends from home for a BBQ that night and T’s bus finally got in from DC at the ripe hour of 1am. After indulging in some smores we headed home for a bit of shuteye. She was antsy to do lots of activities the next day and I knew just what would do. After eating some chocolate chip banana pancakes, we headed to the Hester Street Fair to scope out vintage garbs and sample tasty food. There were so many tents that were filled with new and old things. Court picked up a packet of old love letters, I bought a vintage purse and handsewn dress, while T scored a ring and one of the best cookies I have ever ever ate.

Look at all those spices!

Next up, we decided to wander and find a place to watch the World Cup. I figured I could be patriotic for a second and it seemed like a good idea and excuse to plop down for a little. Little did I know that while getting lost in Little Italy (that’s a lot of littles) I would run into my extended family from Iowa. Seriously one of the most surreal experiences ever. In a city so huge and populous, full of bustling people turning down so many alleyways, it seems nearly impossible to run into someone you know. But I am here to tell you that it happens, and I could not believe my eyes. Not only was it just my cousins who live in Conneticut that were down in NY for the afternoon, my grandma, three aunts, and other cousins were there visiting them and destiny brought us all together! Seriously- craziness.Anyways, after watching the game we made it to one of my favorite New York spots: Katz Deli.If you love pastrami or don’t know if you do, you need to come here. Hands down the best sandwich I have ever had, anywhere. Me, Bec and T split one whole sandwich (they’re that big), french fries, pickles, and matzoh ball soup for a iconic New York meal.Stuffed to the max, it was time to head home and prepare for the long night ahead.

Waking up a bit tired the next morning, there was one destination we had in mind: Central Park.Lying on the Great Lawn, our tummies starting rumbling and I knew where we needed to go.While the line was out the door, I had no doubt that this was going to be worth the wait, and boy was I right. Not only was it the best burger I have had in a while, it was the dessert that really did me in. We split a Vanilla Concrete with chocolate truffle cookie dough and peanut butter sauce thrown in the mix. I could not stop thinking about it all day long. I told myself upon moving to New York that I won’t eat at the same place twice because there are so many great things to try. Unfortunately, I can’t resist coming here again. But I decided if I go to the other location in Madison Square Park it is acceptable. And guess what? There’s one coming to Miami this summer so I’ll be able to enjoy it all year long!

I knew I needed to take T to Dylan’s Candy Bar where this display of cupcakes had me mesmerized.

Crumbs Bakery will be getting a visit from me in the VERY near future.

Sadly, T had to leave that night and we dropped her off for her bus while on the way to watch the Tony’s at Joe Allen. While I do love the Tony Awards, I was completely beat by the end of the show and have never slept so hard. Already this week is off to a great start though and I’m looking forward to more NY experiences comin’ right up!


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