Living the Dream

Do you ever go back to a favorite old website and get surprised that it still exists? That’s how I sometimes feel about this blog as I come back to it so sporadically. I swear it doesn’t seem like that last time I wrote was over a month ago, but wordpress does not lie, and I think that it is time to rev this engine back up!

Since I last wrote, 21st birthday celebrations (unfortunately not my own), finding subletters, moving out of our house for summer, sorority and fraternity formals, and of course, dreaded finals all took place. Both great and difficult times, eventually led me out of Miami and back to Denver.

Another successful formal season under my belt!

After a great semester at Miami following my fall semester abroad, I was not as excited as usual to return back to Colorado and start summer. The combination of leaving friends, finally starting to feel settled, and lots to do back home, I was quite comfortable enjoying the Miami sun (although maybe not the humidity that came with it). Even so, by now I have mastered this whole not-staying-in-one-place-for-more-than-four-months thing and stuffed my duffels and returned back to my roots.

Only at home for two weeks, much of my stay revolved around quickly catching up with old friends, celebrating my brother’s graduation, and getting ready for my actual summer, an internship in New York City.

The little brother is all grown up and heading to Wash U!

Anyone who knows me well knows that NYC is my favorite place on Earth. I have always imagined myself living there and been determined to make it happen. One entire wall in my room is covered in a wall mural of the skyline to remind me of this dream each and every day. Now, I am on the way to the Big Apple and will have this view outside my window, instead of just stuck on a wall with glue. Insane.

I’m sitting on the plane now, about thirty minutes away from landing at the airport and I’m starting to feel the fluttering of butterflies. The entire experience feels so surreal and I definitely do not feel old enough for this to actually be happening. I know these next ten weeks are going to fly by; but, like always, I am going to pack as much as possible as I can in while trying not to run myself too ragged.

I’ll be living in Brooklyn while working in Midtown with one of my friends from home. When I met Court when we were nine never would I have guessed we would live together in New York eleven years later. To top it off, one of my roommates from Miami and another best friend from home is also living in this borough. After traveling to Madrid without knowing anyone, I think I am a lot more confident in making this move since I already have friends close to me and I’m sure I will meet more as the summer goes on!

So plan on some updates as I explore the city through working hard, eating lots, and playing freely. For once I can say I am truly “living the dream.”


2 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. I am so thrilled Cass. Thanks for the shout out—can’t wait to start living the dream with you! Love you xoxo

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