Remember When?

Blizzards, Slurpees and Frostys? Even if you’re watching your waistline now, these are all indulgences you at least experienced when you were a kid, right? Well not one of my best friends. I can’t say that she grew up “sheltered,” but her parents definitely kept her away from all the hyped-up products that flooded my Nickelodeon commercials. As we drove down a chain-ridden road today, we took great pleasure in saying, “Hey, have you ever had this? What about this?” and let’s just say, I felt bad for her and all that she has not tried.

Thankfully, my parents didn’t shy away from letting me try out all of these sweet treats, and this got me to reflecting on all my favorite childhood favorites. Remember these?Other things I loved?

1) Dipping McDonald’s fries into a Sweet and Sour Sauce/Ketchup combo (it sounds gross, I know, but let me tell you it was great!)

2) Sour Cream Krispy Kreme donuts

3) Rainbow Ice Dippin’ Dots

4) Nik-L-Nips Wax Bottles

5) Strawberry Soda and Vanilla Ice Cream Float!

I feel like this list could go on and on… Luckily, you can find A LOT of your childhood faves at this site: if you ever want a sweet taste of true nostalgia.

What’re your favorite childhood treats that you crave every now and then?


2 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. Cass I love this and YOU! My recent childhood food craving has been Animal Crackers. I can remember trying to name every animal in the whole box, but now I just gobble them up!

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