Spring Break Oh-Ten!

While most juniors in college go crazy in Mexico or Key West for Spring Break, the past two years me and my friends have taken to relaxing in Longboat Key to escape the Miami-madness. Instead of partying all night, we lay on the beach all day and work on getting a tan.

Waking up to this? No one could argue with that.

While I tried to stick it out with all the spring-breakers invading Coconut Grove on Thursday night, come Friday, I knew I had to get away. We quickly made the escape Friday afternoon to one of my best friend’s condo residing right by a pool and hot tub and only a few minutes away from the beach! While it wasn’t as hot as it was last year when we ventured to Siesta Key, it still made for great beach weather that led some little kids to flying kites, just like I did when I was seven on Captiva Island, FL!

Kites flying signifies a good Florida experience!

Although we’re not going crazy in the bars every night, we still find time for some fun and play games as made evident by this score chart. As you can see, I was the clear winner. Let’s just say Kelly has one mark for her only because that was the game her and Phia played against eachother.


So, alas, as spring break dies down, I reflect on another successful rejuvenation period. I have successfully gotten at least 9-10 hours of sleep per night, read some books, and taken in a few Miami-Vices (to say the least). While next year we plan on going on a “crazy” spring break since we will finally all be 21… I will continue to relish the memories made just relaxing by the pool, taking in the rays, without a worry in the world.

Sarasota summarized in a picture.

Now I know I’m going to go back to UM and the semester is going to fly by which worries me more than anything. But I’m glad Sarasota happened to comfort me through all the craziness!


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