It’s Game Day…

The sun was shining and I made my way over to this fine establishment for what would undoubtedly be the battle of a century.

Clad in tie-dye, my four valiant teammates and I were ready for domination. Of what? The First Annual Taco Rico Taco Eating Contest, raising money for Haiti relief. But of course, you don’t need charity to get me to participate. This was the prime opportunity for me to put my Mexican heritage to the test and prove to everybody else, what I have known all along: When it comes to Mexican food, I can eat. So we took our places, and eagerly waited to dig in.

The whistle sounded, and we were off with five soft beef tacos to scarf as quickly as possible.

Cramming taco after taco in our mouths until they were all gone.

The boys had eight hard tacos to eat. I know they can realistically eat more (faster) than us girls but after seeing how well we did, I’m thinking we would have been able to hold our own.

After finishing the tacos and making sure the basket was clean of lettuce and tomato remnants, we finished and won! Earning us a position in the finals consisting of four hard tacos. I may or may not have finished before everyone (including the guys).

Let’s just say I took most people by surprise who didn’t expect someone my size to keep up. I had so much fun participating in this though, I’m thinking of making food-eating contests a new hobby… Or just volunteer again when the opportunity arises!

We won gift certificates to Taco Rico, but after today, I think I might need a little bit of a break.


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