Butternut Squash vs. The Sweet Potato

So I have read time and time again about buternut squash and it’s magical replacement capabilities for dishes that call for the double-the-calorie sweet potato. I decided to test it out tonight, as I finally had time to relax and make a real dinner. I decided to document the event and let you in on just what happened. To begin, I searched the world wide web for the inside scoop on how to prepare this odd looking vegetable.

Up on deck: Butternut squash

While I originally thought I would go for a more intense recipe of a Garlicky Butternut Squash, I decided to instead just simply bake it to get a feel for the basic flavor. Step 1? Cutting it. And let me tell you, this skin is thick.

So much effort, but worth it?

But I eventually got it open, scooped out the seeds and crud and came out with this.

Place in a baking dish, with some water and salt and pepper to taste!

Next it was time for the oven! I baked it for almost a full hour at 350 degrees, and it was no easy wait since I was starving. In the meantime, I had to make chicken-parmesan spaghetti to hold me over until I could carry out my test!

In the oven it goes!

Eventually it was done but my hunger got the better of me, and I forgot to take a picture. So here are the remnants!

Clearly enjoyed!

So it’s obvious that I ate every last bite so it must have been good. Better than a sweet potato though? That’s where I am not so sure. Those who know me well, know that I love a good sweet potato and while this was definitely very similar, I don’t know if it could compete with my favorite spud. One of my favorite ways to prepare a sweet potato is in the form of a old-fashioned fry and with the other half of my butternut squash, I plan on testing their fry-capabilities! If all goes well, I just might share my results!


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