“True Life: I’m Greek”

Greek Week is upon us and with that comes… The Blood Drive. Every spring hundreds of fraternities and sororities eat their spinach (to get their iron up, of course) and head out to do their part.

For those of you not familiar with the Greek system, Greek Week is a week long event where all the fraternities and sororities battle it out to get “points” that add up to declare one organization the champion. Now I know you’re wondering: “How do I get these so-called points?” Well through attendance, spirit, and placing in all the different events which include a Greek God and Goddess competition, O-Cheer (dance-off type performance), Olympic Day and random other events to raise money for the organization UCP. One of the events that gets you a whole lot of points is the Blood Drive and I decided to chair the event this year for my sorority, along with two other girls. This really put the pressure on because we are in charge of motivating girls to come out and give blood. And lemme tell you, not every college girl is anxious to get pricked by a needle and watchtheir own blood slowly feel a clear bag.

So basically we needed 85% of our girls to donate but if you don’t personally want to donate, you can get someone to donate in your place. Initially, I thought that I didn’t weigh enough to donate so got someone to donate in my place. However, once I figured out I would actually be good to go, I let my friend count for another one of my sisters, and donated myself!

This was the fifth time I have donated and it really does not bother me. The worst part is definitely finding the vein. Apparently my veins are really small and even though the person taking my blood couldn’t find a vein, they decided to try first on my left arm. They inserted the needle and it KILLED. Some blood slowly started to leak into the tube but there was no way it would be able to fill a whole bag. So she took the needle out, called the “supervisor” and decided to try the next arm.

He comes over and says, “It’s small but we’re going to go for it.” Not the most comforting thing one could say. But alas, he inserted the needle and a few minutes later, I was released and given pizza, ice cream, Powerade, and cookies to recover!

Giving blood is one of those things that I would probably never think of to do on my own but, through my sorority, am able to do two times a year! It makes me feel better knowing that I could save someone’s life, especially as these earthquakes continue to wreck other countries and people all over the world are needing help.

And yes, although both my arms are a little sore today, I’m sure this pain is miniscule compared to what the person who might one day receive my blood would be feeling.


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