Bandeau Blind

Oh, American Apparel. For so long you were solely my go-to place to satisfy the need for a simple V-Neck Tee in that special color. Little did I know that hidden on a rack in the back corner was a special gem which would forever change the way I wear clothes. Ladies and gentleman, presenting the…


One of my best friends always obsessed over these but I turned my head. After buying a tank that I thought would look good with one, I decided to take the plunge and pick one out! Naturally, there just happened to be a sale so my intent of purchasing one bandeau turned into three. Never having tried one on and knowing that there was no refunds on undergarments, I had to go with my gut and put my trust in my friend’s judgement.

Now I was worried it would fall. I was worried it would not be comfortable. I was worried it would not look good. But rest assured, it is none of the above but rather a great addition to my wardrobe that will be hard to take off! I encourage all of you to get out and buy one, you will not be disappointed.


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