Naked No-No

I’ve always been a BIG fan of Naked Juices. From Green Machine to Mighty Mango, I love the blend of the juice drinks and would opt for one over Jamba Juice any day. My affinity for the tangy delights is what spurred me to write this entry when I was more than surprised when I tasted the new Protein Zone Mango flavor and found it hard to swallow.

After finishing up with my run outside, I wanted something to refuel my body and when I spotted these on the shelves, thought they would be the perfect ticket! Packed with protein and other boosts, it seems like a muscle’s prescription to quick recovery. Unfortunately, the taste does NOT make up for the benefits. To put it as simply as possible, I felt like I was drinking chalky mango-flavored Pepto Bismol. With 440 calories a pop, I planned on only drinking half and eating something else with it. Thankfully that’s all I poured in my glass because there is no way I could ever finish a full bottle of this stuff.

Naked, I still love you. I’m just staying far, far away from this product.


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