So the other day…

I walked into my living room to find my roommates on chat roulette… They initially were going to get on omegle (something they loved last year) but found “one step better” because now you can include video. If you’ve never visited this virtual gem, you basically log on and click play and the stranger hunting commences. Using your camera they can see you and you can see them, audio is up to you. The screen looks something like this:

Let’s just say that they found utter amusement out of it the entire night long. One of my roomies even stayed up for two hours talking to someone who she proclaimed to be the love of her life. I was personally creeped out. Talking to even my best friends on skype makes me a little uncomfortable, less alone complete strangers. Not to mention, you never know what you are going to get and let’s just say inappropriate things definitely go down at any time of day.

Maybe it’s for some people, but I just see it being another outlet that could have very negative consequences. During my trial of the website, I did talk to one fellow who introduced me to a couple cool british bands but after a few minutes of chatting back and forth, I was done.

Has anyone else better on it? I know I’m not planning on revisiting any time soon.


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