Party in the city where the heat is on!

How did I end up here?

I often find myself wondering how in the world I ended up being a part-time resident in Miami, FL. After all, I’m an Air Force brat born in Little Rock, Arkansas, temporarily displaced in Maryland, all to wind up living in Denver, CO up until college.

Well no matter the rhyme or reason, I’m glad that I found myself in Little Cuba, especially when exciting things roll into town like the Superbowl!

To say there was a ton going on here to celebrate the big game is an understatement. The city has been preparing for MONTHS (if not years) for this event and parties start weeks before. So how does one begin to choose what to do! Between Man vs. Food LIVE, free Rihanna concerts, and celebrity spottings galore, it all can be overwhelming. Almost to the point where you want to stake out in the living room and wait for the storm to pass.

However, knowing that I would regret that later… Thursday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to get down to the Loews Hotel on Miami Beach to get onto the CBS Early Show! Luckily, I convinced two of my roomies to join me.

Dave Price (the weatherman) from the Early Show!

So most college students don’t get up early to actually watch the Early Show, but being a broadcast journalist, I’m a fan. Funnily enough, this is my third time being in the “audience” for the Early Show. This time was different though since it took place around a pool in Miami and not freezing outside of a studio building in NYC.

Hopefully I'll be on the other side of the production one day!

Sadly… we were back at our house by 9:30am to get to class and unable to enjoy South Beach for the day but it was worth it!

Saturday morning we decided to head down to Sobe for the afternoon. It took about an hour to get down there because of all the Superbowl traffic but eventually we made it, walked several blocks, and arrived at…

The Celebrity Beach Bowl!

It was a gathering of celebrities including Taylor Lautner, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, The Wayans Brothers, and a bunch of other random “famous” people all battling it out on the sand. Following was an All-American Reject concert! I could barely remember the songs they sang until they started playing and I suddenly found myself singing to “My Dirty Little Secret” and “Swing Swing.”

After this excitement, we took to the streets where there were SO many people (mostly dressed in Saints gear), drinking and screaming “Who Dat” about every ten seconds.

Somehow we weaved our way through the ruckus and made it back home by dinner.

So we didn’t go crazy like some of my other friends did- partying til 5am in clubs on South Beach with celebrities and rappers the whole week long, but we got our little piece of the action and I’m so happy we didn’t let the crowds scare us away.

I don’t think that I will ever live in Miami after I graduate but for now, I’m definitely going to continue taking advantage of living in a city that attracts famous people and exciting events like this. I realize that soon enough I’ll end up in a small town in the middle of no where reporting, trying to work my way up to where I’m on the field for the Superbowl interviewing the MVP instead of watching it at home.


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