Forever a Daddy’s Girl

Somehow a week has flown by since I survived the trip from Denver to Miami with my papa. Thirty hours spent in a car can have it’s ups and downs, but it thankfully went smoothly once we finally waved goodbye to Mama G and pulled out of the driveway. After arriving Monday night, the next day and a half were spent making too many trips back and forth between Home Depot (let’s just say the “gray” paint came out lilac on first try), cleaning dirty floors, and figuring out where to fit all of our things!

I really do not know how I would have EVER been able to move in without my dad coming here with me. I made the poor man paint my room from this:

To this:

And he stayed up into the WEE hours of Tuesday morning setting up my cable, putting together my desk, and way too many other things I have no idea how to do on my own.

Slowly but surely everything is coming together but me and all my roommates keep being interrupted by…


Thankfully, I am a Rho Gamma and am loving being on the other side of recruitment. Instead of being stuck behind a door for seven hours straight talking non-stop about my sorority, I get to lead a group of 12 girls through recruitment, helping them talk out their decisions, providing mints before they go in, and serving as their go-to lady for the weekend! Tomorrow is Bid Day and so the process will be over, I’ll be reunited with my sorority sisters and able to enjoy one day full of sisterhood activity before classes start Tuesday.

Here’s some other quick highlights from this roadtrip and moving in craziness!

The most exciting attraction in Kansas? Prairie Dog Town!

Real Kansas City BBQ! Such good ribs.

Water break in Nashville flooding the streets!

My first Trader Joes!

After getting some insider tips on what to get on this momentous grocery trip, I ended up with some hummus, sweet potato chips, pita chips, salsa, jelly, almond butter, licorice, and dried mangos! I really wish they would get one of these in Miami because I am positive I would do ALL of my grocery shopping here… It was absolute heaven.

We still have lots to get done around the house like figure out what to do with three mini-fridges, four microwaves, three vacuums, and multiple bookshelves…

But for now, we are enjoying being reunited and I am loving living with college kids again instead of the 80 year old and her cat.


2 thoughts on “Forever a Daddy’s Girl

  1. Yes Trader Joes Cass! I am thrilled you are moving in and getting settled (your room looks beautiful, by the way) and happy. I love and miss you so much!


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