Ready for some sun!

8 months later I am finally making the 3o hour trek back to Miami for the start of the spring semester. I really cannot believe:

a) how quickly this break has gone by

b) that it is spring semester (when it feels like it should be fall) and..

c) that I will be living in an apartment, with my own room and three of my best friends!

Since I have never lived in an unfurnished place before, packing has been a bit of a hassle. We will be moving into an empty place which means I need everything from a bed frame to measuring cups… Needless to say, Mama G (in true form) took it upon herself to supply all of these things. While I certainly appreciate the help, I can’t help but get a bit ruffled when she takes out her stress on me when she (technically) brought it upon herself!

Pity party aside… the car is now packed and ready to go in spite of a few roadbumps including me locking the keys in my car this afternoon, needing to drive to the dealership to get one of the seats unstuck, and some bags breaking. It will just be me and my dad on this roadtrip and he insists on having ample snacks on the way! In the mix? Veggies and hummus, apples, chocolate covered Craisins, trail mix, AB&J, and the things he insists on bringing like beef jerky and cheese and crackers. I’m not a fan of the potency of beef jerky in a stuffed car but hopefully I will be able to survive.

I will be sure to write again when I am all settled in. It is so strange to thing that this winter break and holiday season is over. I can assure you that it was one of the best that I can remember and I am not sure why. Something about the mix of family, friends, and outings made it so much fun yet relaxing and I found myself very content most of the time! I’m definitely nervous heading back into school but I will just have to remember to keep my wits about me and make sure I am always taking a second to breathe. We’re pulling out of the driveway tomorrow at 8am “sharp” though so I gotta get some shuteye. When me and Kelly made the trip, neither one of us fell asleep in the car once so I got big expectations to live up to. I feel bad making the driver drive sans a passenger, ya know?

Oh! I’m hoping to stop by a Trader Joes on the way to Miami. We don’t have any in Colorado or Miami so thinking about stopping off in Atlanta or Nashville. What are your favorite TJ products to pick up? Give me some suggestions since I find the blogworld knows this store best!


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