Bowling NOT on a birthday?

So yesterday my family met up with my uncle, aunt and four cousins (all under the age of 6!) for a lunch followed by… bowling. Now I don’t know about you, but I have not been bowling in what seems like forever ago. Maybe it’s because I used to have all my birthday parties there growing up and just grew tired of it? It’s funny because it’s definitely something my parents grew up doing their whole lives with family and friends but definitely not an activity that jumps to my friend’s minds whenever we are trying to brainstorm things to do during the day!

But we headed to the bowling alley after a scrumptious meal at Red Robin (why are their fries so good?!) and let me say that I did not get many of these…

By the end of the game, I kind of figured out how to get the ball to go in a semi-straight path but it definitely took one (or ten) test runs before I got some points on the board. Needless to say, my dad hit it out of the park, while my cousin Matea just liked rockin’ the shoes.

My other cousin Max got frustrated as the game went on because he just did not realize how he could be considered a “pro-bowler” at Wii bowling, and yet, unable to knock out all the pins in a real bowling alley. This made me reflect on kids these days (gosh I feel so old), reminding me to take make sure my kids realize that bowling exists outside of the virtual world.

Overall, it was a fun way to enjoy family time and unleash some competitive spirit (although unfortunately I did not have much to brag about). Just thought I’d take some time out to remind you about bowling, a long lost recreational activity that still can provide some fun! Not to mention it’s not too expensive, and now there is no smoking in the alleys so you don’t leave smelling like an ashtray!


2 thoughts on “Bowling NOT on a birthday?

  1. Glad you had a great family time, and a delicious meal at Red Robin! I still remember the burger I had there…orgasmic!

    I don’t like bowling, actually, since I’ve established myself as the Gutter Queen, tee hee.

  2. I used to go bowling with my high school friends because our local alley gave us free games for the A’s on our report cards 🙂 I must admit I am a terrible bowler though. I agree, kids these days are missing out on fun activities!

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