And it begins…

First off… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The day I have attempted to avoid thinking about has come and gone. I am officially 20 years old! Actually, I am surprised by how much better I feel about it today than I have on the days leading up to it. For some reason, the idea of no longer being a teenager and entering a new decade was never too appealing to me, especially since no real perks come out of turning 20. But I ended up having a great day filled with my best friends.

The passing of today also means the end of the holiday season and, let me tell you, I am so relieved. The holidays are always fun and I actually ended up having one of the best seasons so far, but it really can wear you out. I am excited to have these next ten days to relax and get ready to head into the spring semester instead of having to worry about what big celebration is about to head my way. But like I said, from Christmas to New Years, I have had the best time reconnecting with people I missed so much while abroad and am loving being back.

Family at traditional Bubba Gump's dinner in Breckenridge

The picture from last year... Creepily similar!

Annual Birthday Brunch... I'm so mean for making my friends get up before 10 on New Years Day

And again, the picture from last year! Glad to see the friends all stick around 🙂

Ingredients for a wonderful New Years Eve!

I cannot believe that it is 2010. But I am excited to see what the next decade holds! I have not completely charted out a list of resolutions but there are definitely some things that I want to keep in mind and embrace as the year begins! Among these things:

1. The 365 Project– Have you heard about this? Basically, you take a picture everyday and chart it on this website. Seems like a cool idea… I started a profile today and me and a few friends are going to try to keep it up for the entire year

2. 100 Ideas– I found this on a blog and want to make it a goal to cross off a couple every week until I have done all 100!

3. Blogging- I really wanna keep up blogging. While in Spain, I found that it was a great way to reflect on things, relax, and also keep up my writing. Everyday I think of something new that I can write about and even if no one is reading it, it’s a good tool for me!

4. Running in a race- Initially, I was thinking a half marathon but really, I just want to run in any race. It’s hard finding motivation to keep up working out without a clear goal in mind so finding a race to train for and work towards would make conditioning more meaningful and inspiring!

5. Keeping in touch with people from all over- Too often I find myself being content with knowing that things will “go back to normal” when my friends and I are reunited over breaks. Sometimes it’s frustrating because from home to school, all my friends are important and I want to know what’s going on in their lives. We are all always busy though so tend to lose touch when we’re not living in the same state, and I want to make sure I take time out of the week just to catch up with people.

6. Finding a new hobby- There’s things I want to learn, like scuba diving, that would be new and exciting! Hopefully things will pop up as the year goes on and new opportunities unfold.

7. Watch the news- Not only is a good habit that I need to get back into- there is so much I can get from it. While also being informed with what’s going on in the world, I need to start paying attention to the way packages are formatted, what anchors do well, and what works best for news programming so that I can make my own work better!

There’s definitely more that I am looking forward to but these are just some ideas. I hope that everyone had a great New Years and is ready for what 2010 has to bring… Can’t wait to share it with you!


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