School's Out!

It’s official- my time at Nebrija has come to a close. As I sit in the biblioteca (library for those unfamilia with español) one last time, I can’t help but reflect on my “studying” in Spain.

my non-picturesque university

Before coming, I was really nervous about taking classes in Spanish and just for the coursework in general. Thankfully, all four of my classes count towards my Spanish major (or else I probably would not have been able to study abroad because the Spanish major at Miami has soooo many classes!) and they ended up being a lot easier than any class I have ever taken at Miami.

I only had classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-2:30 and so I felt like I was almost never actually at school. We rarely had taxing homework, and the only times it got tough would be when I had to study for a test. Not necessarily because the test material was hard, but because I literally forgot how to study.

All of my friends from other universities feel the exact same way about their “studying” abroad and in a way, it’s nice that the university understands that you are here to take in the culture instead of cooped up with your head in the books the entire time! That’s how I like to think they look at it anyway.

Even so, this past week was spent attempting to study, making me even more antsy to get home for the holidays! Thankfully, I just got my final grades and it looks like I am in the clear, all without doing very much work at all. Needless to say, hopefully I can remember how to be studious once I get back to taking actual classes in the spring.

One thing I learned is that Spaniards always look for a reason to celebrate. So how does the faculty like to mark the end of classes with the students? Via cookies and champagne! Yes, even if it is 12 o’clock in the afternoon, you can bet that we all just toasted to another semester being over and the drinks were flowing as long as you were drinking. And, ya know, even if it wasn’t that hard of work, everyone deserves a little bubbly now and then.

And now for the event of the year!

What: Suitcase Showdown

Who: Me, my belongings, and 2 suitcases

When: Now until 9am tomorrow morning

Where: My room to the airport

Only time will tell who reigns supreme…


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