So I got one of the greatest texts of my life yesterday afternoon from my friend Anna telling me that they snagged me a ticket to see Casa de Bernarda Alba that night with their theater class! The group from Furman takes all of their classes together and since they have been in this theater class, they had a special field trip planned that I was quite jealous of. I’ve read and studied Casa de Bernarda Alba for multiple classes (including Advanced Acting where we attempted to do it in English!) and seeing it live felt like the perfect reward for all the time I have invested!


So alas, I met up with the group that night and we journeyed to the theater. I pictured it to be pretty standard, but this was nothing of the sort. Instead of the huge auditorium we went to for the flamenco show, this complex was once an old slaughterhouse called el Matadero, giving it a very urban feel. Once we entered the theater, I was surprised yet again. It was almost in the round but instead, had a a long rectangle of a stage in the middle and then 10 steep rows on either side of the long rectangle. Basically, you were looking at the other half of the audience the whole time that was a mirror reflection of you. But it really wasn’t distracting because you were focusing what was going on on-stage the whole time. Hopefully that makes somewhat of sense.

Either way, it was SO cool to not only see a play, but to actually be familiar with it beforehand. Also, some of the actresses in it are really famous here in Spain so that was cool too. It was extremely well done and I won’t bore you with details, but it was a pleasure to enjoy!

Tomorrow I head out for Palma de Mallorca with my amiga Anna. We are planning on relaxing on the beach and exploring the island which should be a blast!


One thought on “Silencio!

  1. Never thought I’d be so jealous about something related to La Casa de Bernarda Alba!!!!! But I really am, I would love you to bore me with details about it (get it … I wouldn’t be bored?)! Still impressed by your adventurousness and miss you tons 🙂

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