Free week!

So good news is that I made it through my finals! Don’t know my grades on them but nevertheless, they are over! That also means that I have a week off before I start my normal classes on Tuesday. I have celebrated by wondering around and doing things like getting my nails done, exploring a English bookshop/cafe, eating sushi (FINALLY!), crepes, and going out!

Today we took a quick 30 minute train ride to Toledo to explore for the day. We ate lunch in the plaza then walked around for about 3 hours and saw the beautiful cathedral, museums, and other hidden treasures. They also are famous for their mazapan so of course we sampled some of that! It was sooo good. Toledo is such a beautiful little town and I love the cobblestoned alleyways.


It was nice to get out of Madrid for the afternoon and explore a new city! I have to make this short because I have to leave for the airport in 4 hours to go to Lisbon, Portugal! I will be sure to write when I return!


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