Finally Friday!

After the long last weekend, I cannot believe it is already Friday again! This week has been a whirlwind. It was my last full week of classes for my Orientation program, then we have finals on Monday and then I have a week off until I start my actual classes the first week in October. I have lots of studying to do for my finals but it is a little hard to be that motivated because these grades do not actually count towards Miami credit so if I do awful, it is not the end of the world.

We signed up for classes on Tuesday and if everything works out, I will only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-2:30 straight. Granted, it would make for a long day, but I think it would definitely be worth it. Especially since this whole waking up at 8:30 every day thing is not as easy as it was over summer. Maybe the going out until 5am has something to do with it. Either way, I cannot wait until the schedule changes!

This week I went out to a small bar with friends on Monday. It was really chill and nice just to sit down and talk. Tuesday, a couple friends asked their senora if it would be okay if me and Taylor went over for dinner (that they would cook!) She was eager to take them up on the offer and turned out to be the nicest lady when we arrived. Me, Taylor, the two boys, their senora and her daughter all enjoyed a Mexican-themed dinner of fajitas, peppers, beans, tortilla chips (called doritos here), salsa, and lots of toppings (including avocado!) It was so good and their senora was the nicest lady. In their house, they have a rule that you can only speak Spanish and it was so much fun to sit down for two hours and just talk about Spanish culture, news, and other random topics!

Wednesday our school invited us all for free tapas at a new restaurant Sugar that decided to open up the restaurant to us with hopes that we would buy drinks and they would get good publicity. It was fun to meet more people from Nebrija but we did not stay there for too long. After, we went to a place called Bar Hawaiano which we have been attempting to go to since we first got in Spain. They have this drink called the Volcan that you share with everybody. It is a rum drink with juice that tasted a lot like Hawaiian punch, but better.


They also gave you free tapas with the drink, a flower, and paper umbrella!


After, we headed to Orange Cafe which is a bar/club that really caters to international people. It took forever to get in but once we did, it ended up being a pretty good time, just a lot of Americans, and I am really eager to meet more Spaniards!

After, I went to El Chapandrez to meet up with some other friends. Here they also have another communal drink called leche de pantera (panther’s milk). Its like a sweet, coconut-y concoction that comes out of the ceiling! This picture is not from Wednesday but just so you can see what it looks like!

lecheYesterday I took it easy and ended up watching the television for about an hour and a half with my senora. She was starting to think I did not like the dinner she gives me because I kept telling her that I was eating out.

A lot of my friends are out of town this weekend and so I am planning on taking it easy and exploring around the city. Thanks to those who have e-mailed me recently with updates, I love hearing about the things going on in your life more than you know!


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