Its all about your mental state.

So first of all, it is really bugging me because I simply cannot figure out how to do an apostrophe on these keyboards! I remember figuring it out in Miami but now I forget and all I can get it to do is an accent mark like this ´, hence the reason my grammar is wrong in my post title! I would just change the title but ya know, not much I can do. So for all you grammar sticklers out there, you will have to pardon me for my mistakes.

Next question would be, now why the title? Well, I wish I could have written you yesterday because I was running on two hours of sleep all day and it might have been entertaining. Actually, by the end of the day I felt completely fine but the whole sleep from 4:45-6:45 and walk to class at 8 thing will not be permissible all semester. Probably a good thing I figured it out now and not the day before a test, right? Even so, yesterday I managed to make it through all my classes, to the phone store, to a tour of el Palacio Real, and even the gym! The key was to just not think about how little I had slept and instead just go through the day like nothing was different. Last night I got 8-9 hours of sleep and today feel perfect! So yes, I learned that while it is probably not the best decision to go out on a Monday, as long as you stay positive the next day, it may not impede on your productiveness as much as you might think!

El Palacio Real

El Palacio Real

Good news is that I did join a gym really close to me that I like! They have so many classes (including pilates everyday!) and the coolest part for me so far has been the free personal trainer! I decided to be gutsy and on my first day meet with the trainer to start a program. I did not really know what to expect but thought it might be a fun way to immerse myself since he talked to me the entire time in Spanish. I really enjoyed myself and it is a really cool system because bascially there is always a trainer there and you can just talk to them and update your program at any time. I am hoping to go to Pilates too later this week and try that out. A couple other students I know joined too and have gone to some spinning classes that I might tag along for later in the week. For some reason spinning has always intimidated me but they say the instructor is really energetic and again, the fact it is all in Spanish just makes it that much more exciting.

Classes are going well and the homework is very manageable. Something about being in this environment has given me lots of confidence to participate in classes and talk with the professors more. I am also talking to my señora more at dinner time and that has been fun. She even showed me pictures of her entire family yesterday which was cute and she is now giving me perfectly sized dishes! Every Tuesday is laundry day and so I came home from school to find all my clothes strung out to dry on a line which made me laugh. Later when I came back for dinner, my clothes perfectly folded and my bedroom all cleaned up. Definitely something I could get used to…

Well, that is all I think for now! Me and Taylor are heading to Valencia this weekend to bask in the sun and hopefully eat some oranges! I also booked a trip to Barcelona in November and am hoping to get some more trips ironed out soon. Hasta luego!


6 thoughts on “Its all about your mental state.

  1. Hi Honey!
    Still can’t believe you are so far away from me but from the looks of it, you are having a great time and doing well! When you get all the internet madness figured out, let me know so we can skype! I love reading your blog, it makes me smile! Anyways, love you lots and talk to you soon!

  2. hey cassie,
    enjoyed reading your blog! everything sounds amazing! i’m all for the afternoon siesta, live in maid and cook! yes, send all your “old” clothes home and buy new! mom says it’s a great idea.
    take care of yourself!
    luv, cris

    • haha I think that sounds like a great idea too! I met a girl who reminds me of you (but my age) SO much. Hope everything is going well, sounds like you and my mom are crafting it up like none other!

  3. Cass!

    I am so proud of you! Spanish gym attendee and all… wow. I miss you so much and love that I can read about your adventures. I love you!


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