Necesito una siestaaa.

Ok so I am finally feeling settled in and think that my jet lag is wearing off! Yesterday, I got my international phone situation figured out and applied for my metro card. It takes 20 days to be processed which came as a surprise, but I am going to try to walk more places and take the subway only when I need to so that I can save some dinero!

Yesterday we took a walking tour around the Puerta del Sol which included going through and around the Plaza Mayor and ended near the Palacio Real. It is so amazing all the tiny sidestreets, little restaurants, shops, and surprises that surround the area. Not to mention, the history behind each and every building is so rich and endless. I definitely am planning on taking a day or two and walking around more so that I can explore but it was nice to get out and see it with a group.


I had a heavy dinner when I got back of rice, chicken (fried in egg), croquetes (mini corn-dog looking things that are a mix of flour and milk then fried), bread, and some oranges. She also gave me ketchup which she said was to put on my rice (?). It was good but I kindly had to tell her afterwards that I just could not eat that much food. She said not to worry and I feel better now since I had been feeling a little guilty about never being able to finish all the food that is made for me!

After dinner I was out like a light for almost an hour when I realized I was supposed to meet people to go out! I quickly raced to the metro and met my group. We went out for gelato (my first of the trip!)

And I'm sure not my last.

And I'm sure not my last.

Later we ended up walking around the Puerta del Sol, stopping in a few places but overall, nothing too exciting! The metro closes at 1:30 so I had to plan for that! Once I got back I finally slept soundly until I woke up this morning for classes! I have no plans the rest of the afternoon so I’m excited to go take a siesta, maybe explore the park and what is around my apartment, and hopefully do something fun tonight!

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up and meet a group at 8:30 to take a tour of Segovia! I’ll let ya know how it goes. Hasta luego!


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