Summer Bookie


So while last year was The Summer of the Great Thirst, this summer turned out to be the Summer of Reading (and Movies… and Savings) according to mis amigos. My paid job required mainly sitting by the pool for eight hours at a time, occasionally bringing someone a drink or cheeseburger. Oh and watching women float around on noodles while singing after doing water aerobics. (Seriously, just watch).

So what did I do in my free time? READ. Which was nice because at school I always find it hard to read books outside of my texts for class. So a lot of my friends keep asking what books I read are actually worth reading. Since summer is coming to a close, here is a list of my Top 5 books that I read and why I like them!

1. Audition by Barbara Walters My suitemate from school is OBSESSED with Barbara Walters. Like insane. I always knew who she was from The View but never really knew her. So I found this on the bookshelves in the library at work and decided to take on the nearly 600 page book (with fairly small writing). Needless to say, this was the longest book I read this summer but so worth it. As someone who is aspiring to work in the news field, it was remarkable to read about how big of an impact this woman made on the industry and how she got there. She also delved into a lot of her personal life that you would never know from watching her on her TV set. I also learned so much about poignant historical events, elections, politicians, celebrities, etc., and it was so interesting to read about what was going on behind the scenes at all the different networks. After reading it, I definitely understood how my crazy roomie could idolize someone so much!

2. Supergirls Speak Out by Liz Funk After reading a review for this book in my local newspaper, I knew I had to read it. As they were describing this so-called “Supergirl,” I felt like they were describing my life. Basically, Supergirls are girls who are driven by accomplishment, almost to the point of being dangerous. They are validated by what they achieve and strive for more and more. Most of my best friends are “supergirls” and I think this is just an important book for girls to read (from middle school to post-grad). It really gives you an inside look at this type of psyche and makes you question whether you are doing what you’re doing for yourself (and to bring you happiness) or just for others.

3. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffennegger Lots of movies that came out this summer were books beforehand and I wanted to read each book before I saw the movie. Now this movie comes out this Friday and I am so excited! Mainly because I loved the book. It is a bit lengthy and can be slow at times. Not to mention, it takes a  couple chapters before you really get the whole hang of the time situation, but once you do, it makes for a compelling and interesting read of romance and growth.

4. Julie & Julia by Julie Powell A lot of people have seen this movie by  now, and I was impressed by how well the movie reflected her actual life. Besides that, Julie Powell is such an entertaining writer. She had me laughing out loud and amused the entire time. Afterwards, I even jumped online to read snippets from her blog. If you are a foodie, blogger, or just plain woman, I would suggest reading this! (And seeing the movie, Meryl is simply classic…)

5. Bookends by Jane Green I read a lot of “chick lit” too. These books are easy to read and a lot of times would only take one day! Jane Green is one of my favorite “chick lit” authors. But interestingly enough, I met her this summer at the Tattered Cover and she talked about her dislike of the phrase “chick lit” because she feels like her stories are deeper than that, and I agree. I have read most of her books and this was one of her firsts. She talked about how it had her favorite characters of all time in them so I felt like I had to read it! This was probably my favorite beach read-esque book of the summer!

So there ya go! What about you? Found any time to read good books this summer?

P.S. Ever feel like you spend so much money on books that you read in less than a week? This summer I have learned the power of a) trading books with friends and b) trading out books in the library! I cannot tell you how happy I am I saved hundreds of dollars this summer on not buying a $20 book every time I wanted to read a new story!


One thought on “Summer Bookie

  1. Ahhh I wish I had more time to read for fun! It’s so hard for me to justify reading books for fun when I am so behind on reading during the school year. So jealous you got to read and get paid at the same time 🙂

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